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Luke (aka Vadim Black) and Ben (aka Sean Cody’s Sean) (links NSFW) are two straight-identified guys who make their living by doing gay porn. They were both profiled on last night’s True Life: I’m a Gay for Pay Porn Star. They were both extremely firm on their heterosexual orientation (no doubt because their line of work calls it to be questioned regularly, certainly from the outside, but probably internally as well). My takeaway is that these guys are really straight, or they’re by now very gifted at mimicking the kind of ennui that comes from performing sexual acts one wouldn’t otherwise have interest in for money.

In the clip above, Luke (who has expressed anti-gay sentiment on Twitter) goes through the various substances he takes to perform in porn (even as a bottom). He ticks off pills that have “poisonous ingredients” and “a substance that, like, makes your healthy cells die, or whatever.” He also inhales poppers (“or whatever”), which “gets you really horny.”

If Luke seems unhappy, Ben is just marginally more upbeat. “When I’m having sex with a guy, it could be anything,” he says. “From vegetables to fruit to car tailpipes. Whatever you’re into. Fucking a guy is like fucking a watermelon.”

Ben calls performing in porn “actually a really, really difficult, stressful process.” “It sucks,” he adds. “I don’t really enjoy that at all.” He points out that it’s better than working for minimum wage, but it’s far from being a consequence-free career path. Though Ben’s wife is aware of his work (and thinks it’s hot), Luke kept his career from his girlfriend for as long as he could, which added to his stress.

In the highlights reel below, keep an eye out for a cameo from Sean Cody’s “Forrest,” who performed with Ben in a scene. He seems to have a lot less existential dread than Ben and Luke, but maybe they just caught him on a good day.

[There was a video here]