Wow! It is amazing how many Gawker readers went to middle and high school and have the yearbook photos to prove it. Thank you for sharing your celebrity yearbook photos with us, except for those of you who just posted the Wikipedia lists of famous people who went to your high school. That was really lame.

Below, behold the best celebrity yearbook photos you posted, whether you actually took a photo of your yearbook or just stole a photo from somewhere else on the internet. Click over to the original post to see more.

I gotta say, Eric Holder was pretty hot. That side part—yeah. A side part of justice.


Submitted by wcada

Kris Jenner

Submitted by bdoll

Amy Poehler

Submitted by fingerpuppet

Martin Lawrence

Submitted by Vaguely Distant

Jessica Szohr

Submitted by fiorven2

Rachel Maddow

Submitted by shark72

Rachel Zoe

Submitted by nycinoc

Robert Downey Jr.

Submitted by Ruddigore4

Chris Evans

Submitted by big_ole_nate

Josh Hartnett

Submitted by weirwoodtreehugger3

Eddie Vedder

Submitted by Mad4Mod, who writes: "Eddie Mueller in Drama Club 1980 under the direction of Clayton Liggett. You know him as Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam. Liggett's passing was the inspiration for the song 'Long Road.' Happy 50th Birthday Eddie!"

Joe Flacco

Submitted by Kaiser Troll

Ari Fleischer

Submitted by Ned Frey

Nicole Brown Simpson

Submitted by missypoo500

Chris Farley

Submitted by FenbyFiles

Joanne Woodward

Submitted by Apt-Zero

Zac Efron and Harry Shum

Submitted by cheezelikethebri

Seth MacFarlane

Submitted by Clem_Fandango

Eric Holder

Submitted by The Ghost of Chico Walker