It's Black Friday, which means at this very moment hundreds of thousands of shoppers are cramming themselves into malls across this great nation for the annual Walmart Hunger Games, where one person walks away with an HDTV and everyone loses.

But before everyone goes home for leftover stuffing (the best side), there's one last Thanksgiving tradition to fulfill—Black Friday fights. And this year was no exception.

So far there have been throw downs reported at big box stores across the U.S. and in the U.K., proving what we've all known for years—British civility is just a front:

In the U.S. it's already taser time—a Walmart shopper got zapped during a fight with police near the checkout line:

At Target, man took a woman down over a TV:

Police had to break up a fight over a Barbie doll at a Burbank K-Mart, and two women at an Orange County Kohls were arrested after fighting a third woman over baby clothes.

And an Indiana man and his girlfriend spent the day in jail after mall security ejected the man for being "too rowdy." Once outside, he started fighting a man in the parking lot and when an off-duty officer told him to leave the area, he punched the cop in the jaw. Then the man called for backup: "The suspect's girlfriend then showed up and also started hitting the off-duty officer."

They were both arrested.