The future First Lady of the United States, Melania Trump, does not give many interviews. She’s spoken out so little during her husband Donald’s campaign, in fact, that yesterday the Associated Press published an entire profile of the woman that hangs on a few words she once uttered on an episode of The Apprentice.

Does Melania simply have nothing to say?

That’s not a fair thing to assume. Though The New York Times went so far as to christen her “The Silent Partner” back in October, Melania has definitely spoken out loud in the company of others before. Yes, her husband talks a lot—about Mexicans, his daughter Ivanka’s appearance, and whatever else comes to his mind—but Melania vocalizes her opinions, too. Since the Slovenian-born model became engaged to The Donald in 2004, she has said at least 100 words.

Real words, too. Like a modern-day Jackie (or Marilyn ;)), Melania is totally quotable. Check out her most sharable tidbits of wisdom below.

Now those are what I call quotes. For your convenience, we’ve already added all of these images to our “Melania Trump Quotes” Pinterest board—check it out here.

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