As if life weren't miserable enough, even monkeys are working themselves to the bone. Associated Press photographer Muhammed Muheisen has shared a series of photos captured in Rawalpindi, Pakistan of worker monkeys whose purpose is to entertain humans by dancing, shaking hands, and performing other tricks for money.

As Muheisen reports, owning and training a worker monkey can be a way to support one's family in the impoverished country.

One such trainer Ataullah Niazi, 46, owns three monkeys that he says he loves like they are his own children. His monkey can make around 500 rupees (about $5) a day, which helps him feed his family of eight. He's been doing this type of work since he was 11 years old.

But the Pakistan Wildlife Foundation would disagree, claiming the practice is a "sheer violation of wildlife laws." Get ready for an ultimate stomach-punch of sadness.

[Images via AP]