Happy New Year! Apparently a fun new year activity for many Gawker readers is uploading pictures of famous people from their yearbooks or Google Images. Therefore, we have compiled yet another compendium of all-star yearbook photos for you to peruse. Look at all these shining little faces before they made it big. Some of them look the same because they only graduated high school two years ago. Lol.

Mindy Kaling

Submitted by punkybrewster

Paul Ryan

Submitted by Lifehacker weekend writer Dave Greenbaum, who writes: "I had a political science class with Paul Ryan and picked him as a project partner mostly because of those eyes :-) After we got started he reminded me that we would get a joint grade. He was betting I wanted an A more than he did, so he had no incentive to work on the project. So I did all the work and "we" got the A. Sound familiar? Last time I pick a project partner based on looks. I was friends with a few of the Delta Tau Delta brothers so I'd see him on occasion."

Michelle Malkin

Submitted by ednabuxton

Lea Michele

Submitted by IkerCatsillas

David Foster Wallace

Submitted by GnashBridges

Josh Hutcherson

Submitted by elsmer, who writes: "I was 2 years ahead of him at Ryle High School in Union, KY. He was a really nice guy. I had a locker right next to him my senior year. Only real memory I have of him is that he and his girlfriend were like...inseparable. Lots of awkward PDA going on at the locker in between classes."

Emily Ratajkowski

Submitted by Nick Foote, who writes: "her dad was an art teacher at the school, very chill guy."

Will Ferrell

Submitted by alohahomer

Megyn Kelly

Submitted by banalbany

January Jones

Submitted by EOTT

Bruno Mars

Submitted by tmgo

James Franco

Submitted by steakfrites


Submitted by emillilia