One thousand life-size standup cutouts of Nicki Minaj’s booty-baring photo from the cover of her “Anaconda” single were carefully, lovingly arranged outside a Helsinki, Finland cathedral early Wednesday morning. Why? Why not?

The incredible cardboard Minajerie is, unfortunately, not an inspired work of site-specific street art, nor is it some kind of symbolic “fuck you” to Finnish Evangelical Lutherans. It’s actually just a promo for Queen Nicki’s first-ever show in Finland, at the Summer Up Festival this July.

If Google Translate is doing its job—and it definitely is, because it produced the beautiful headline “What in the world - Helsinki filled with Nicki Minajeja”—an article in the Helsingin Uutiset says that 100 of the Nickis have festival tickets “mounted” on their “back sides.”

Fans are encouraged to steal the standees and bring them to the show to welcome Nicki to Finland, and definitely not just position them in the corners of their bedrooms so Nicki’s thong is the last thing they see when they go to sleep and the first thing greeting them in the morning. Who would do that? That’s crazy.

[h/t reddit]