Getting doored—that is, having a driver or passenger open a car's door into you as you ride by—is a constant, looming threat for urban cyclists. The point-of-view video above, shot near New York City's Union Square, shows exactly what it's like when it happens, but the real drama comes after the crash.

In the clip, spotted by Gothamist, a cyclist rides up the Fourth Avenue bike lane toward Union Square when a cab passenger doors him. Predictably, it sends him toppling.

What happens next feels like a morality play about safe streets in New York. There is the cyclist, hurt, prideful, and a little standoffish; the irritable cabbie who claims he can't afford to fix his door; the benevolent pedestrians, rushing to make sure everyone is alright; the frightened passenger, caught in the middle; the, uh, guy eating chips, ranting about Google and Twitter.

Fortunately, the biker doesn't seem seriously injured, and considering the circumstances, the multi-pronged argument that ensues remains pretty civil. It's not always like that, however: As Gothamist points out, dooring can be fatal, and it only carries a $150 fine. Don't do it.