After Hillary Clinton’s apparent attempt to dodge federal transparency law by using a secret email server, a judge has ordered the release of all messages. Another email dump arrived last night, and it will stress you out.

There are few revelations in the release—instead, it’s a portrait of how immensely stressful it is to work for or even near the Secretary of State. Clinton’s outbox is a flurry of requests and schedules at all hours of day and night.

A glass of iced tea requires two people, including a middle man:

POTUS insecurity, straight out of an episode of Veep:

God. Poor Huma:

Who has been twittering in the Secretary’s name? (A very 2009 exchange)

Clinton asked a colleague how to borrow a book with the subtitle “Why People Email So Badly and How to Do It Better”

Very interestingly, not even key members of the White House were allowed to even know Clinton’s secret private email address without her permission:

Which undermines subsequent denials by Obama’s team that they knew nothing of Clinton’s email scheme. David Axelrod has claimed he was unaware of the private email account, and yet he... emailed it:

This also means that there was a time when the White House Chief of Staff didn’t know Hillary Clinton’s private email address, but noted amoral shitbag Lanny Davis did:

Some stress-inducing U AWAKE?? emails:

Including one to Hillary’s private spy Sid Blumenthal, who makes frequent appearances in the dump:

Some of the emails show Clinton’s mastery of the press: BuzzFeed editorial boss Ben Smith, then at Politico, says he’s been “successfully, mostly, talked out of” an article:

Holding company magnate Lynn Forester de Rothschild offers Clinton a profile in Parade magazine with a “veto over content”:

You can view the full email dump here, at the State Department’s website. If you find anything good, drop it below.

Photo: AP

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