The video above depicts nothing less than a sonic hijacking. Gothamist reports that yesterday, a Brooklyn resident rode an N train holding about 50 kids who played recorders stop after stop after stop, for a total of 40 minutes. What assholes.

Sometimes people enjoy the entertainment provided by fellow straphangers, maybe because they forgot their headphones or snobbishly think that live entertainment is superior to recorded entertainment (it's not, but people are funny). I think I speak for the human race when I say: nobody wants this barely tonal uninterrupted stream of shrieking and wheezing that these aural terrorists took it upon themselves to provide. These are all sadists who need to be stopped. Whomever told them to do this should spend the rest of his or her life in jail.

I can't believe no one did something about this. If you hear something (that makes your ears bleed), say something.