Stand-up comic and Family Guy staff writer Deepak Sethi was performing at the LA Comedy Club in Vegas last month when he asked what he thought would be a fairly innocuous question: "Anyone from the military here?"

"What!" shouted one very loud member of the armed forces, who quickly followed that up with, "we're coming for ya."

"Thank you," replied Sethi, who is of Indian descent, and who just had the next three minutes of his sets gifted to him.

"So this is going to be my last show," Sethi told the audience, "I'm gonna die after this."

Happily, he didn't. And, in fact, after the show, he met back stage with the heckler and learned that he was indeed a "real vet" and also a "really cool" guy.

"He was with his wife who was super embarrassed," Sethi wrote in a Reddit thread about the incident. "I got them free comps to future shows for being a good sport. Like someone else mentioned, this was the friendliest heckle ever! I really don't think he was trying to be racist."

[H/T: Reddit]