Earlier tonight, Ted Cruz’s last big pre-caucus rally got hijacked when a heckler after our own hearts began to scream, “Ted Cruz looks so weird!” He then immediately proceeded to feign vomiting into a trash can.

You can hear the man’s first shouts at the very end of the video above, but according to The Washington Examiner, he got at least one more “Ted Cruz looks weird!” in before commencing his performative retching.

Cruz responded jocularly, saying “I guess the bars let out early,” and “Is that Donald Trump yelling in the back?” The objectively accurate heckler was then escorted out, much to his fellow rally-goers chagrin.

Unfortunately for Cruz, this actually marks the second time the candidate has been brutally owned this weekend, with the first coming from his very own daughter.

[h/t The Washington Examiner]

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