According to The Guardian, reports are emerging of “heavy gunfire” in the Paris suburb of St. Denis. France’s iTélé reports the shooting is connected to the investigation into Friday’s attacks that revealed the possibility of a second, unidentified suspect.

French journalist Jean-Jacques Bourdin tweeted that a number of officers have been injured in the firefight, while Djamel Mazi tweeted that two or three men have barricaded themselves in an apartment in St Denis.

The Associated Press reports that Deputy mayor Stephane Peu, speaking on iTélé, asked people to stay home: “It is not a new attack but a police intervention.” The operation is taking place just over a mile from the Stade de France, where three suicide bombers detonated their devices on Friday.

Videos, purporting to be taken in St Denis, in which the sound of gunfire is clearly audible have been posted to social media, although it is difficult at this point to verify their authenticity.

Earlier on Tuesday night, two Paris-bound Air France flights were diverted due to “anonymous threats made in a phone call.”

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