An Australian couple selling their multi-million-dollar home had a tough decision to make when the buyer refused to close the deal unless he could also have their cat, Tiffany. The Perceval family agreed to the proposal in exchange for an extra $140,000, reported. They don't seem to have any regrets.

The exchange started as a joke, after the potential buyer's child "fell in love" with Tiffany during a walkthrough of the house. Fran Perceval said the family would be willing to sell the cat, who she described as "ornamental," because Tiffany already "believes the house is her property."

The man bidding on their 5-bedroom, $2.2 million house decided to take her seriously.

"The buyer wouldn't sign the contract unless he got the cat, so as far as I'm concerned, he can have the cat," said the family's real-estate agent, who was not required to give up any beloved pets as part of the deal.

The Percevals are still working things out with their 19-year-old son, Sam, who bought Tiffany at a pet shop. "She was ... the last of the litter, and he felt sorry for her," Fran told

"We're thinking we'll put $20,000 in a pile next to the cat and say to Sam: you choose," said the mom, who seemed delighted as she told reporters Tiffany is "the most expensive cat in Australia."

Sure, Tiffany will continue living in a familiar house and have a new family to take care of her, but laughing about the sweet deal you got for your son's cherished pet just seems like rubbing it in.

The Percevals say they're considering adopting a new cat after they move. They also have two dogs, two rabbits, and fish. They haven't said how much money they would accept in exchange for those pets.

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