Nibbles, a beloved beagle mix, passed away in July at age 14. His family says he was killed by chewing on pieces of razor blades concealed inside Canadian bacon. Next-door neighbor Robert Hamme, 60, later confessed to booby-trapping the meat and throwing it over a fence into Nibbles' yard.

"He died a horrible death," Nibbles' owner, James Stotts, told the Hardin County (Ky.) News-Enterprise. "He was a family member. We'll miss him dearly. It was quite a blow to the entire family."

On July 20, the Stotts saw one of their dogs, Bolt the spaniel, chewing on something in the yard. When they took it away, they discovered one of the blades, covered in meat. Bolt was fortunately not hurt, but the couple searched their yard and found more of the meat, containing more razor blade pieces and small nails.

It was too late for Nibbles, though. He had been euthanized a few days earlier after mysteriously taking sick with a large blockage in his intestine.

"What it was was Canadian bacon that had been cut in half with broken pieces of razor blade stuffed in the straight side. I found three pieces. The fourth piece was the one Nibbles got," Stotts told WLKY.

They said Nibbles was "in agony," unable to eat or drink, and they couldn't afford the medical bills to save him.

Elizabethtown police said that when they went to Hamme's house to warn him about the dangerous pieces of meat, Hamme admitted to throwing them into the Stotts' yard himself, because he was angry at the dogs' barking.

Hamme is charged with felony torture of a domestic dog resulting in death, and faces up to five years in prison. He's due in court Sept. 5.

[H/T Wave3, Photo: James Stotts via News-Enterprise]