Chris Epps resigned as head of the Mississippi Department of Corrections this week after more than a decade on the job. An indictment against him says he spent much of that time systematically robbing the state.

The indictment alleges that Epps conspired to pass out public contracts with his department in exchange for kickbacks—"taking more than $1 million in bribes and kickbacks over the last eight years in exchange for hundreds of millions of dollars in prison contracts." The Clarion-Ledger gives an example of how brazen Epps was:

In 2008, [co-conspirator Cecil] McCrory sold his commissary company at a big profit, and Epps approved reassignment of the no-bid contract to the new company. Shortly after, authorities say, Epps had McCrory pay off his home mortgage with three $100,000 cashier's checks and a $50,000 check all spaced months apart.

Epps can take heart in the fact that perhaps he will only be sentenced to spend time in the prisons that he himself ran in what was no doubt a caring and professional manner, and which are no doubt renowned for their safety and tranquility due to the masterful long term guidance of Chris Epps.

[Photo: AP]