We’ve all been naughty over the past century, and we’re finally getting coal (emissions) this Christmas.

Across the East Coast of the U.S., unusually warm temperatures shattered records on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day—some by more than 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

The heat wave covers over 1,500 miles, stretching from New England to South Florida. Stacie Hanes, a National Weather Service forecast officer in Portland, Maine, wrote that it was “safe to say Santa should wear Bermuda Shorts this year.” Records have been broken in Burlington, Vermont (68 degrees), and New York City (71 degrees).

The unusually high temperatures are being attributed to an influx of warm, moist air from the tropics, as well as this year’s record-setting El Niño. Climate change can’t be entirely blamed for the weather, though it’s hard to discount that warming global temperatures, which make El Niño years more severe and frequent, could play a role.

So enjoy your yule logs and hot cocoa, everyone! Hope you’re sweating by the fire in blissful holiday joy.

[Image via WeatherBell.com]

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