As the presidential primaries heat up, the men running to win them are starting to crack. Have these senators and governors and Donald Trumps gone under the knife to keep up with the competition? One plastic surgeon shares with us his shocking opinions!

Dr. Lyle Back, an esteemed plastic surgeon from Cherry Hill, New Jersey, has not personally treated any of the presidential candidates, but he knows a nose job when he sees one. Ranked South Jersey’s “Top Doc” by South Jersey magazine nine years running, Dr. Back found that three candidates have suspicious signs of a little facial rejuvenation.


After examining the above undoctored photos of Rubio from 2010 (left) and 2016 (right), Dr. Back, who has not treated Marco Rubio, issued the following professional opinion: “Mr. Rubio has had some cosmetic surgery done.” He continued, “The most dramatic is his eye. If you look at his before and after photos, you can see the signs—I think it was done very well—but you can see the signs that he had both an upper eyelid and a lower eyelid blepharoplasty.”

Doc, what are the signs? “If you look at his upper eyelids in the before photo, you’ll see overhanging redundant skin, that almost is keeping you from seeing the eyelashes on the outer aspect of each eye. It’s starting to kind of hang almost into the eye. And if you look at the after photos you’ll see he has nice, crisp upper eyelids that are clearly visible and clearly open,” Dr. Back said.

“And if you look at the lower eyelids on either side on the before picture,” he continued, “you’ll see he has not advanced case, but a little bit of some bags, a little extra skin under his eyes that can make you look a little bit tired. If you look at the after photo you’ll see they are as smooth as can be. There’s no bag, there’s no anything.”


Dr. Back added, cautiously: “I think there’s also a possibility that he had a very conservative, very mild form of a rhinoplasty or a nose job.”


Dr. Back has not treated former Governor Martin O’Malley, who dropped out of the Democratic primary earlier this month. But after considering the above photos of O’Malley from 2010 (left) and 2016 (right), Dr. Back told us, “I think [he] has had maybe, I’ll say like, either a chemical peel or a facial or two, or probably a laser resurfacing.”

Dr. Back explained the signs: “In his before picture he has a...weathered look, for lack of a better word, almost like a Marlboro Man kind of look. You know, the sun, the elements, the wind, time, have taken a little bit of toll on the skin...If you look at the after photo there, the skin looks a little smoother. It looks a little lighter in color. It has a brighter appearance. It looks a little less beaten up.”

What do these signs mean, Doc? “These are classic characteristic features when someone has had facial resurfacing of some kind,” Dr. Back said. “And that could be as little of a thing as a couple good facials, or a chemical peel. But I suspect, because he’s a man and [the skin] is heavier and thicker, that this type of result couldn’t be achieved unless he had a laser resurfacing.”



Dr. Back, who has not treated Sen. Rand Paul, said that in his opinion, Paul has not had any plastic surgery. But when he looked at the above photos of Paul in 2010 (left) and 2016 (right), he had questions.

“Does he wear a hair piece of some kind?” Dr. Back asked. “I’m not sure, but something about it in both the before and after kind of, sort of has that look to it a little bit. It doesn’t quite look right.”

Sure doesn’t!


Dr. Back examined photos of all the other presidential candidates and determined that they have not had plastic surgery. They need it, however. “Especially Bernie,” Dr. Back said. “I would like to help Bernie.”

We have reached out to Rubio, O’Malley, and Paul to ask whether or not they’ve had any plastic surgery or cosmetic procedures, and we will update this post if we hear back.

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