Harvard professor and prominent Obama-critic Niall Ferguson told more than 500 financial advisers at a conference on Thursday that Keynesian economics, an economic philosophy that advocates stimulus spending and is not kind to the idea of empire (which Ferguson loves), is flawed because Keynes was gay and uninterested in future generations.

Reportedly calling Keynes "effete" and operating on the general assumption that our own children give us concern about the future of humanity (and not empathy or kindness), Ferguson explained that Keynes was more interested in discussing "poetry" than having sex with his wife, and because of that, his complex economic philosophy doesn't make sense.

Overall, Harvard professors are having pretty bad few weeks when it comes to advocating austerity. Earlier this month, Harvard economists Carmen Reinhart and Kenneth Rogoff were found to have used sloppy data to justify debt reduction. But at least they didn't insinuate that gay people have no capacity to feel for fellow human beings.