One Direction star Harry Styles finally threw up up all the butterflies that have been fluttering around his stomach ever since he made eye contact with a beautiful girl who didn't know how beautiful she was on Saturday, when he was photographed showering a California highway with hot vomit kisses.

The Daily Mail, which published the full photo set Monday, reports that Styles spent Friday night "partying with Lily Allen" at a Los Angeles bar, despite the fact that, at 20 years old, he is physically incapable of comprehending the taste and electric adults-only buzz of alcohol. He may have had a bad shrimp cocktail, if the bar happened to be serving them that night.

While the exact make-up of the voided contents of Harry Styles' stomach remains a mystery, the exact content of his heart was laid bare all over his face.

After throwing up on the side of the freeway, Styles climbed back into his black Audi and zoomed off, in search of more corners of the earth to paint with his memories.

[Via Twitter/Daily Mail]