Last week, Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid broke his ribs and his face in a mysterious "exercise accident." Now, Harry Reid is speaking out on what the hell happened. We still don't get it.

The Washington Post points us to Reid's radio interview today with KNPR, in which he details the, uh, circumstances of his injuries.

Bands (?).

"Three days a week I have an exercise routine. I do 250 situps, I some yoga-type stuff for a little while and then I've been using for the last three or [so] plus years, these bands. I use one that's the second-strongest you can get, it's dark grey. Anyway, I do those things hundreds of times three days a week. I do different routines. And I was doing almost finished at my new home in Nevada and the band broke and it catapulted me backwards and to one side. I crashed into a series of cabinets we have and fortunately it missed my temple by just a little tiny bit and it hit me in my right eye and it broke a number of bones around my right eye and broke four ribs and a few bruises other places."

"I don't know how many people out there could sit and do 250 sit-ups. Or do the strength and exercise routines I did with those bands hundreds of times, there times a week," Reid later added.

Catapulted—by bands.

I still have no idea what happened to Harry Reid.

[Photo: AP]