An American family vacationing in Greece recently enjoyed a subdued, respectful trip abroad and returned to the United States without brutally killing and eating everything that wandered into their path. Just kidding. That will never happen. We're a hungry people! An American family vacationing in Greece recently caught an extremely rare form of octopus while out snorkeling, beat it to death on some rocks, and ate it.

The octopus has been retroactively dubbed a "hexapus" because (when it was alive), it had six legs instead of eight. It was only the second of its kind ever documented. It was delicious with lemon.

The family reportedly "[feels] really bad" for eating it.

Labros Hydras (a Greek-born U.S. citizen whose family now lives in Washington, D.C.) says he caught the creature while frolicking in the sea with his 10-year-old daughter and 6-year-old son. After they brought it back to shore, the family took turns bashing its head against the ground for a series of pictures showcasing the wacky side of brutality, which you can check out here at the Daily Mail.

Hydras says he brought the octopus to a tavern after killing it but that the chef declined to prepare it for him. (The implication seems to be that the chef refused on principle because knew it was a rare creature, but maybe he was just reluctant to cook some room-temperature octopus a guy had just killed in the parking lot?)

Demonstrating the can-do spirit and dedication to eating that make America great, Hydras later fried the octopus up himself. Then he Googled six legged octopus easy-to-kill fun for kids delicious + information? and discovered his family had accidentally destroyed a rare treasure.

Oh well, whatever.

[Telegraph // Image via Shutterstock]