The bros of Phi Delta Theta at the esteemed University of Pennsylvania are in some shit after posting a Christmas card featuring their cheery faces and a black blow-up sex doll on Facebook. The doll (in the upper left corner) was meant to resemble Beyoncé, according to Phi Delt.

The Daily Pennsylvanian reports that student minority groups did not respond kindly to the photo when it started circulating on Facebook Sunday night. Black student organization UMOJA, along with the women's, Latina, and gay alliance groups on campus, released this joint statement last night:

The inclusion of a racially and sexually charged object in such a flagrant fashion displays a serious and immediate need for repercussions that reflect the severity of this misogynistic, racist offense. We...firmly believe that when an event like this marginalizes one of our communities, it marginalizes us all.

Other students expressed that the photo was upsetting on Twitter:

The bros are still drafting an apology to black students on campus, according to the Daily Pennsylvanian. In a draft emailed to UMOJA leaders, Phi Delt president Jimmy Germi wrote that the blow-up doll was a gag gift from the frat's Secret Santa party, and that he didn't realize how it would come across in a photo.

"There were absolutely no prejudicial motivations behind the gift," Germi wrote, but "the absence of racial motivation is no justification for this act of poor judgement and the decision not to include a sex toy in a holiday picture should have been an easy one." Yeah, probably!

The bros have not yet been reprimanded by Penn or their national organization.

[Photo via Facebook/The Daily Pennsylvanian, ht Business Insider]