American icon A Handle of Fireball Strapped to a GoPro was the most popular guest at a debauched wedding earlier this year, and now guess who's coming to Christmas? That's correct, it is A Handle of Fireball Strapped to a GoPro. Deck the halls with mounds of vomit.

Fireball, a Canadian schnapps rebranded as a "whisky," is just like Santa Claus, if Santa were more popular and only gave out hangovers. This video of people making out with the bottle under the mistletoe was obviously inspired by the couple who took each other to be lawfully wedded in drunkenness or sobriety back in October, but it was actually filmed by a completely different bunch of knuckleheads.

Happy birthday (observed), Jesus. This is how we Xmas now.

[h/t Uproxx]