A Hamptons weed grower and his girlfriend got busted for felony possession of marijuana and misdemeanor gun possession last month after the man accidentally shot his neighbor's above-ground pool.

Montauk police were investigating the bullet hole, which they quickly traced back to 62-year-old William Evans' property, when they noticed a potted pot plant "in plain sight." According to the East Hampton Star, much of the police report is redacted, but Evans then allegedly admitted to having hand guns in the house and let officers inside.

Police then discovered several plants under a grow light, two unregistered pistols, another room of marijuana plants, a plastic bag of weed, and a pipe next to the bed.

Evans' downfall apparently came because he had been shooting at rabbits who were "attracting foxes that were frightening his dogs."

Evans and another resident of the house, Patricia M. Felden, were arraigned and released on $250 bail.

[EHS, image via Shutterstock]