Photo: AP

On Wednesday, the hacker or hackers using the name “Guccifer 2.0” released a new batch of files alleged stolen from the Democratic National Committee detailing plans for a “counter convention” to be held in Cleveland during the Republican National Convention next month, The Hill reports.

While the documents largely describe a traditional media and ground campaign, one file contains a series of ideas for “gimmicks” with a proposed $15,000 budget, like milk cartons featuring “missing” GOP leaders and clothespins “so delegates can hold their nose” when voting for Trump.

Also included are ideas for full gag gift packages like the “Trumpocalypse” survival kit. A “bribe package” for delegates, for instance, contains tickets to “Cruz Cruises” and “Trump’s failed USFL football team,” Monopoly money, Trump Steaks, Trump Vodka and Trump Ice. A “Go Trump Yourself” kit, on the other hand, contains spray tan, hair dye, tiny foam fingers, a dog whistle and a regular whistle because “come to think about it ­Trump isn’t subtle about his hate.”

Other stray proposals:

  • “Masquerade masks to give out for people embarrassed to be there.”
  • “Trump Tabloid (8 page daily tabloid printed a la NY Post)”
  • “limo drivers at the airport holding signs with messaging about Trump to ‘greet’ RNC members”
  • “Lunch for reporters ­Offer food from countries Trump has offended: Tacos, Hummus + Pita, Chinese food, Fish & Chips. Celebrity chef Jose Andres? Tom Collichio?”

The document also alludes to the possible participation of talk shot host Jerry Springer and comedian Billy Eichner. According to the file, Springer “wanted to be involved” and could host a live show featuring fake “Trump/Cruz/Kasich delegates.” Elsewhere, the document mentions pushing out a “Billy on the Street” video, the name of Eichner’s guerrilla comedy game show.

The DNC has not confirmed the authenticity of the documents, but they appear to be at least a tentative version of the party’s plans for Cleveland. If it’s a hoax, it’s certainly an intricately thought-out one.