Gwyneth Paltrow loves the Jewish high holidays, and she's starting her 5775 with some new underwear...and a subliminal message.

While her erstwhile ex Chris Martin, the strangely flexible John Mayer of Britain, flies in private planes with a nubile Katniss Everdeen, our Goop has been very busy designing a line of "exclusive" panties, which she revealed in her email newsletter today.

But these are not just any panties. They are monogrammed panties. (Females, I'm gonna put it out there, what the heck would you monogram on your panties (3 for $75)? Initials just seem weird. Instructions? Maybe ASS? Or HERE? This concept confuses me).

"Available in three different everyday wearable shades, these cute bikini panties—trimmed in stretchy, super comfortable lace—are monogrammable across the upper back," the website for "Cheek Frills" reads.

Anyway, our Goop does not hold back on her monogram. Her butt, or a model's butt on her website, is clearly marked with the initials: GK PM. Gwyneth Kate Paltrow Martin. And while Gwyneth has said that she is "not mad" about the budding relationship between British John Mayer and Katniss Everdeen, she still has the guy's name monogrammed on her private-time bottoms for the entire world to see.

This is a deliberate action from a player of the public relations game. It is as if Gwyneth has sent a smoke signal to the Gods. "I am yours," she whispers to her her copy of A Rush of Blood to the Head. Then she rubs the CD on her underwear monogram, hoping for the best (publicity).

[h/t Lainey Gossip // Screenshot via Goop]