As actress/guru/collection of abdominal muscles Gwyneth Paltrow works through a split with husband Chris Martin, her aspirational lifestyle brand appears to be consciously uncoupling with a whole lot of money.

RadarOnline reports that U.K. corporate filings from 2012, the most recent year on record, show that Goop owed creditors $1.2 million, and had racked up net losses of $298,512.

That's despite bringing in $1,893,065 on sales, commissions, and Groupon promotions (remember Groupon?). The company website, the eminently hate-readable Goop newsletter, and total product costs ate up around $500,000. A much larger $1,564,995 went to "administrative costs."

That includes $587,653.25 in salaries for Paltrow and Goop CEO Sebastian Bishop, who unexpectedly left the company just days ago. He owned 20 percent of the company to Paltrow's 80 percent.

Paltrow and Bishop both took interest-free "loans to directors" from the company in 2012— $49,025 for Paltrow and $83,617 for Bishop. At the time of the filing, Paltrow hadn't paid her loan back.

Despite losing money, being in debt, and taking out personal loans, though, they somehow scraped together enough to be positively inspiring by donating about $12,000 to various charities.

None of the documents specifies how much Goop spent on gold-covered wingtip brogues (actual thing) in 2012.

[Photo: Getty Images]