What's the ultimate prank? That's right: Replacing all the tap water in a friend's house with cold, refreshing beer pumped straight from a bunch of tapped kegs hidden beneath the floorboards.

A group of guys in New Zealand with a very particular set of skills decided to put those skills to good use by plumbing their mate's house with beer, and then recording his reaction using an elaborate series of hidden cameras.

Now, as with anything this awesome-sounding, there is naturally a caveat: Some online have been speculating that this might be a stealth ad for Auckland-based beer brewer Tui.

And, indeed, a Tui spokesman confirmed to ninemsn that the prank was sponsored by the brand, but insists that the friends are all "legit mates" who are "constantly playing pranks on each others" and the reactions shown in the video are all authentic.

Additionally, the spokesman said the men did the setting up themselves, and none of the participants got paid for their part in the prank.

So drink up.

If you're pressed for time and hate fun, you can watch an abbreviated version of the practical joke below:

[H/T: Reddit]