It all started last Tuesday when LA model Piper Kennedy "reluctantly" gave her phone number to a very insistent barista named Brody.

The following day, Kennedy received a text message from Brody containing a 15-second "video selfie." In it, Brody can be seen "sensually" touching his face with his hand while Drake's "Hold On, We’re Going Home" plays in the background.

The rest will soon be Internet history.

Kennedy's pal DJ Ben Roc posted the video to Instagram, where it became instant hit, prompting a deluge of parody videos and the launch of a hashtag: #StarbucksDrakeHands.

The hashtag went on to spawn its own Instagram and Twitter accounts, and a YouTube copy of the original video has amassed over 100,000 views in just three days.

This morning, Ryan Seacrest professed his love for the StarbucksDrakeHands phenomenon, and publicly outed the girl who launched a thousand cringes.

He also announced that Kennedy will be calling in to On Air with Ryan Seacrest tomorrow morning, and will be revealing for the first time how Brody himself is taking to his inadvertent viral infamy.

[photo via Tumblr, videos via ">djbroc, starbucksdrakehands, djkaydence]