Photo: Twitter/David French

After “serious study,” “much thought and prayer” and “several days with some of the best minds in politics,” David French regretfully announced on Sunday that he is not running for president. Who’s David French, you ask? A guy who was running for president.

Except now he’s not.

French, the celebrated legal scholar behind articles like “Jesus Was Transgender? I Thought He Was Gay,” “In the Battle of Jedi Versus Sith, I’ll Take the Sith Every Time” and “Game of Thrones Recap - Social Justice Edition,” seemed like an odd choice to lead conservative pundit Bill Kristol’s third-party push, a fact the National Review blogger acknowledged in his tearful “aloha.”

“I gave it serious thought — as a pretty darn obscure lawyer, writer, and veteran — only because we live in historic times,” writes French. “But given the timing, the best chance for success goes to a person who either is extraordinarily wealthy (or has immediate access to extraordinary wealth) or is a transformational political talent.”

As a similarly obscure, ordinarily wealthy and non-transformational political talent, I, too, am not running for president. What are you not doing this weekend?