For obvious reasons, tort reform advocates tend to focus on high-profile cases with punitive damages in the millions of dollars, but what about civil law as experienced by your average schlimazel*? Take, for instance, the case of Everett Chattman, awarded $2,400 after his mouth was fucked up by "excessively hard croutons."

According to the Roane County News, Chattman was dining at a Pizza Hut in Harriman, Tennessee when a crouton shattered his specialized partial denture. After the restaurant's insurance company refused to work it out, Chattman's lawyer Mark Foster decided to sue.

On Friday, Judge Jeff Wicks awarded Chattman $2,400, plus interest and court costs. Asked if he believed his client was satisfied, Foster told the paper "I think so."

But was justice served? Yeah, probably.

[Image via Shutterstock]