It's a prank as old as time (or at least as old as 2012): Some chucklehead calls up a pizza chain, places an order, and then conferences in another location of the same chain. When the first one repeats the order back to the second, confusion ensues. Who ordered what? When does this shift end? How much weed can I buy with whatever's in the tip jar? Wait, am I stoned right now? It's all a mystery.

This stunt has been pulled by Howard Stern (that's how you know it's a cool and mature thing to do) and by a Deadspin reader named John (ditto), but Australian YouTuber Tyson Williams brought it back to the public consciousness this week.

Soon, every Domino's Pizza employee will either have some levity added to the workday by teenage prank imitators or wish that Australian YouTuber Tyson Williams had never been born, carefully molding an effigy of his face in pepperoni and then setting fire to it and watching it burn until only a pile of carbon soot remains.

[H/T Daily Dot]