How efficient is the "right-swipe everyone" strategy for dudes on Tinder? Apparently, it's only limited by the manual dexterity and endurance of the swiper. And now one evil genius has removed even that barrier by building a mechanical finger that automatically says yes to every woman on the dating site.

Andrew Sink's Tinder-o-Matic, built around a 3-D printed finger, is capable of doling out 900 profile likes in an hour.

This has been done before from the software side, with nerds writing scripts to get more dates, but Tinder could potentially close any of those software loopholes. To stop a well-designed fake finger, they'd basically have to ban humans from the service—not a solid business plan.

Unlike some previous Tinder hackers, Sink wasn't motivated by some perceived "upper hand" women have on matchmaking sites. "Obviously, the best (and intended) way to use the app is to read someones profile and see if you share any common interests or hobbies," he writes. He just wants to make that process more efficient.

Still gross? Probably, but perhaps the effectiveness of the scattershot "match with everyone" approach is a flaw in the system, unintentionally(?) rewarding men for their persistence and their robot-finger-building skills.

[h/t Daily Dot]