Florida and Texas, famed for being the two most levelheaded and reasonable states in America, may soon allow college kids to carry concealed guns on campus.

Inside Higher Ed today brings an update on the status of the never-ending and inexplicable quest of gun people to ensure that guns are allowed on college campuses across America. Why is this, of all things, an issue that someone would dedicate their attention to? Why not poverty? Or global warming? Or, I don't know, our nation's crumbling highway infrastructure? Barring mental illness, the question defies explanation. What we do know is this: legal handguns could be coming to many campuses soon. God bless death:

Right now, the odds are starting to stack up in their favor. The Texas bill has passed the Senate and is on its way to House. The version in Florida has passed through two Senate committees and is headed to the Judiciary Committee.

Should the bills make it through their respective legislatures, both would end up on the desks of Republican governors who are sympathetic to the gun lobby.

Should these bills pass, Texas schools will have to spend tens of millions of dollars on new security measures. A small price to pay for a campus newly rife with dangerous weapons of death! We all know that only good things happen when you mix college students and guns.

[Photo of the guy who sits next to you in class: AP]