A gun safety instructor in Ohio accidentally shot one of his students in the arm after violating the number one rule of gun safety.

The shooting occurred this past Saturday at a gun-safety class for Fairfield County residents seeking to obtain concealed weapon permits.

Instructor Terry J. Dunlap Sr., 73, was reportedly demonstrating self-defense techniques when the .38-caliber handgun he was holding suddenly discharged.

The bullet hit a desk and ricocheted into student Michael Piemonte's right arm.

Piemonte, 26, who was sitting next to his wife, says he believes Dunlap didn't realize the gun was loaded.

The number one rule of gun safety is "all guns are always loaded."

"I am thankful that it only ended up being in my arm, and didn’t hit my wife or individuals sitting at the desk behind me," Piemonte told The Columbus Dispatch.

Nurses attending the same lecture rushed to help stabilize Piemonte.

Though Dunlap has not yet commented on the incident, Piemonte says he has phoned him on a regular basis to "check in."

"It makes me feel good that he is so concerned," said Piemonte, who still intends to buy a gun despite being shot.

No charges have been filed against Dunlap, and the local sheriff's office has ruled the shooting accidental.

A veteran Violet Township trustee, Dunlap is running for reelection this November, though it's unclear if this faux pas will hurt his chances.

[photo via Shutterstock]