If you had to guess how many testicles Adolf Hitler had, how many testicles would you guess? Would you guess two testicles? Perhaps more? If so, you’d be wrong. Because according to a recently discovered doctor’s note, Adolf Hitler had a total testicle count of one. One testicle.

Which is fine! You are your own special butterfly and however many testicles you have is the right number of testicles for you. It just so happens, however, that for genocidal populist dictator Adolf Hitler, that number of testicles was one. Records taken from a medical exam following Hitler’s arrest in 1923 note that he had “right-side cryptorchidism.” In other words, his (mostly theoretical) second testicle had just never decided to descend.

There had long been rumors of Hitler’s single slapper status; British children even had a schoolyard song making light of Hitler’s “one ball.” But these new records from a German historian finally prove it.

And other than his “stunted” right testicle, Hitler—or as he preferred to be called, ‘The Adolf’—had good bill of health, with the medical officer at Landsberg prison describing him as “otherwise healthy and strong.” Not at all unlike a certain modern day would-be presidential prodigy of his who was recently described as having extraordinary “strength and stamina.” Funny coincidences!

Anyway, just think how different history would have been if that other testicle had only descended.

[h/t The Guardian]

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