28-year-old security guard Erica Mack is in critical but stable condition after having been trampled by gatecrashers at Miami's Ultra Music Festival on Friday night. Mack was taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital with brain hemorrhaging and a broken leg.

"They saw an opportunity to try to get in without paying," Miami Fire-Rescue spokesman Lt. Ignatius Carroll told the Miami New Times. Tickets to the festival cost $400. "There must have been a whole lot of people. We found her on the ground, screaming in pain."

"A mob of people came and started rushing the gate and started pushing it," Carroll said. "She was doing what she was supposed to do, telling them to stop, when they pushed it down and it fell on top of her... They just trampled her."

The Times reports Miami Fire-Rescue treated several hundred people last night; fifteen people were taken to the hospital. 22 people were arrested on Friday and 26 on Saturday, according to CBS Miami.

"I think we should not have Ultra next year here," Miami Mayor Tomas Regalado told the Miami Herald. "This incident should never have happened."