Groupon became famous and went public in 2011 by hawking restaurant discounts to people who Instagram their food, but since then, they’ve realized that emailing people coupon spam isn’t a profitable model. Now they’ve switched from pushing coupons to selling a motley assortment of very strange shit, like a mane for your cat, or counterfeit Durex condoms riddled with small holes.

The condoms, knock-off versions of Durex’s Thin Feel, Performa, and (irony of ironies) Extra Safe models were on sale through Groupon Australia from March 12 to April 10. This week, Mashable reports, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s (ACCC) recalled them due to possible “defects such as holes in the latex.”

The holes may cause some features of the product, like “prevent[ing] pregnancy” or “protect[ing] users against sexually transmitted diseases” not to work. Otherwise they’re fine, though.

So, what should consumers do with the “Edgelounge Enterprises Ptd Ltd (trading as Citrus Beat)—Mix Pack Durex Condoms” they bought on Groupon? The ACCC is glad you asked!

Consumers should not use these products. Customers are asked to immediately destroy and dispose of the products. Any consumers concerned about their health should seek medical advice.


Groupon Australia is also contacting the customers who bought the fake Durexes and has offered to accept returns for a full refund, according to the Australian government’s Therapeutic Goods Administration.

It’s almost enough to make you reconsider trusting a struggling daily discounts website with all your birth control needs.

[h/t Mashable, Photo: Alibaba]