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Low-rent Punxsutawney Phil impersonator Jimmy the Groundhog has the easy annual task of predicting each February whether Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, will experience six more weeks of winter (yes: it is in Wisconsin). This year, the job got to him a little bit as he whispered his prognostication into Mayor Jonathan Freund's ear: The weather will be—got your ear, sucker! I'm biting your damn ear off! How you like me now?

Flinching from the savage attack on his soundy-flaps, Freund attempted to translate the bite from groundhog to English: "He didn't see his shadow," the shaken mayor stammered, "So it, uh, it'll be an early spring."

Jimmy's handlers, obviously concerned about the integrity of the li'l biter's predictive record, later clarified that he had actually been attempting to indicate that winter would last another six weeks (again, in Wisconsin).

The mayor's office responded that "only the mayor can translate Jimmy's prediction," the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reports.

Jimmy was not immediately available for comment.

[Video: WISC-TV/Facebook]