British groom-to-be Neil McCardle was in charge of booking the venue for his wedding last April. He forgot. Rather than admitting the mistake to his fiancée, he did the reasonable thing instead: He waited until the morning of the wedding and then called in a bomb threat to the venue.

“There’s a bomb in St George’s Hall, and it will go off in 45 minutes,” he reportedly told the venue's receptionist.

The plan worked, sort of–the building was evacuated, and the bride, already in her wedding dress, was left standing in the street, unaware, for the time being, of her fiancé's mistake–until it didn't, when police arrested McCardle later that day and his fiancée realized what he'd done.

“It was just a ridiculous thing I did,” McCardle told the Daily Mail. "It might be funny to other people, but not to me. It’s wrecking my family’s life.”

McCardle, who admitted to the hoax, was sentenced to one year in jail Tuesday morning.

There is some good news, however; according to his defense attorney, McCardle and his fiancé are still together.

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