A young bride shocked her fiancé by showing up to her wedding shoot in Shenzen, China, with grey hair and elaborate makeup that made her look 70 years old. If he would still love her at 70, she reasoned, he shouldn't mind her taking the pictures that way.

The groom failed her test, demanding she remove the makeup. He left the scene after a public yelling match that made the news and spread across hugely popular social network Sina Weibo, Shanghaiist reported.

[There was a video here]

The woman, who was left crying in the street, told reporters she had devised the test because "he is such a philanderer and he used to have many girlfriends," but said she wants to marry him anyway because "he really treats me very well."

Shanghaiist smells a viral ad campaign, and all the signs are certainly there, but it's not yet clear what the staged scene might have been advertising.

[Photo: Juemei520/Weibo]