An Australian grilled cheese maker called Jafflechutes, a name that I'll address with much concern later in this post, has succeeded in crowdfunding their parachute-based grilled cheese operation for a visit to New York, as soon as this month.

Okay, so grilled cheese sandwiches, which have the perfect name already because that is exactly what they are, are being called jaffles in Australia. Percolate on that one while we move to the next step.

Jaffles, when you stand on a designated "X" somewhere in New York, will be parachuted down to you. From the sky. Things are starting to lighten up.

Here's a handy video that illuminates exactly what you could be signing up for:

More details from Jafflechutes are forthcoming, but you may only have to let go of five or six bucks for a sandwich by the wrong name, so it seems potentially worth the pocket change.

One last concern: Wouldn't the airborne jaffles get cold before they landed?

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