A barbecue cook was charged with second-degree wanton endangerment this weekend for allegedly throwing a piece of hot brisket at another cook, burning her face, neck and shoulders, WKYT reports.

Police say they were called to the Kentucky Barbecue Festival on Sunday after a dispute over “hogging the grill” erupted between two pitmasters using a shared cooker. From The Advocate-Messenger:

Once there, they learned Mary Berry, 35, of Bardstown was working the festival for Fire House BBQ from DeLanda, Florida, when she was hit by a brisket thrown by Mike Owings, 42, of Cunningham, Kentucky, who was working for Drapers BBQ.

According to Danville police, Owings admitted to officers that he threw the brisket after losing his temper but “didn’t mean for anyone to get hurt.”

“His words were that he just snapped and he was upset and took it off the cooker and threw it because they wanted them off there,” Danville Police Sgt. Jonathan Courtwright told WLEX. “He threw it in that direction, not aiming to hit her, but she ended up getting hit.”

Police say they were not able to recover the weapon, but estimated it to be more than 200 degrees at the time of impact.

“I’m guessing it was smoking,” said Courtwright. “It was gone, by the time we got there.”

[Image via Boyle County Detention Center]