In a story perfect to tell with a "spooky" voice when things get quiet at your next social gathering, a grieving Alaskan couple about to inform their son's girlfriend of his death was shocked this week when their "dead" son answered the door. Ahh!

The AP reports Karen and Jay Priest were awoken at 3 a.m. and told by an Alaska State Trooper that their son, 29-year-old Justin Priest, an Anchorage resident, was killed in a car accident in Juneau. The Priests then drove to Anchorage to tell their other son, Cody, who Karen says collapsed when he heard the news.

Together, the family drove to tell Justin's long-time girlfriend Julia. According to Karen's report to the AP, Jay knocked on the door:

"It opens and right here is Justin. I don't even see it but Jay is sobbing. It doesn't compute to me. Then I see him. You want it to be true, but you go, 'Am I hallucinating?' Justin didn't know what was going on."

Justin says he was mostly asleep, it being 5:30 a.m., and confused about all the yelling, saying, "They were yelling, 'Praise Jesus! It's a miracle!'"

After "lots of hugging, lots of tears," Justin got in touch with Juneau police who, the AP reports, have apologized—they were looking for a different Justin Priest, as it turns out. Police are reportedly now reviewing their records to find out what caused this intensely awful error.

(Practice that part in your spooky voice. "The police apologized and are reviewing their recooorrds.")

[image via AP]