Doris Deahardie just turned 100, but that doesn't mean she's done living it up. In fact, to celebrate her centennial, the great great grandma did something new: She hired a stripper to give her a lap dance.

Doris, of Saundby, England, ordered the stripogram herself and even put in a special request for a "full monty."

"I told the lad he might have to be careful with her because of her age," recalled Doris's daughter-in-law Sharon, "but then she told me she wanted the whole lot!"

Doris came fully prepared with her own bottle of baby oil and even a can of whipped cream which she had the stripper lick off her face.

"She's in great health for her age," said her son, Barry. Which is a good thing, because Doris plans on being around for many strippers to come.

[H/T: BroBible, video/screengrabs via Lincolnshire Echo]