Cool Pope is at it again. This Sunday, he's going to marry 20 couples who are already cohabiting. Some of the couples even have kids! Their poor Catholic grandmothers are going to feel so much better now. (Cohabitation is a sin in the Catholic Church).

According to the Associated Press, the couples getting married on Sunday range in age from mid-20s all the way to late-50s. One of the brides, Gabriella, told La Repubblica she was shocked when she and her fiancee were picked: "We didn't feel worthy, because of our age and personal background." Gabriella has a daughter from a previous relationship, and her fiancee has had an annulment. She continued:

We've known each other for five years and our wanting to get married in the church stems from no longer wanting to live in a union and with feelings that are deprived of some of the sacraments.

Earlier this year, the Pope baptized a baby whose parents weren't married in the Church.

[Photo via AP]