A grandfather in the United Kingdom picked up a child from a Kent school and took her to a doctor's appointment, then returned her to school later that day. Sounds like a heartwarming afternoon. Except that it was the wrong kid altogether.

It was only discovered that he'd spent the day with the wrong little girl when the child showed her parents the medicine she had been given during her unexpected doctor's visit.

Apparently, the grandfather, whose actual granddaughter is in the same class and shares the same name with his granddaughter, was unaware the entire time that he had the wrong kid. The child's father is none too happy about her visit to the doctor, however.

"I went ballistic. I was boiling inside. The first thing I thought was the worst. I had to ask my daughter the sort of questions no parent ever wants to ask: 'Did he do this, did he do that?," he told a reporter. "When your daughter has been walked round town and taken on a bus by a strange man, it makes you sick to the stomach. It's every parent's worst nightmare. Everyone knows to tell their children not to go with strangers, but I want to tell every parent in that school – tell them again tonight."

The school is investigating how exactly it gave the wrong child to the older man.

"Thank God it was an innocent thing done by a confused old gentleman," her father said.