Left: AP, Right: Wikimedia Commons

Florida Rep. David Jolly wants to take Marco Rubio’s seat in the Senate. Unfortunately for him, he also has a long history of ties to the Church of Scientology. Which is why his campaign has been hard at work scrubbing Jolly’s Wikipedia page of any mention to the elaborate pyramid scheme of a religion, it recently confirmed to BuzzFeed News.

Jolly’s current district in Florida includes the Flag Service Organization, which is the “spiritual headquarters of Scientologists planetwide” and the group’s largest church. And the candidate for Senate has been happy to make full use of Scientology’s ample funds, accepting donations from “an infamous Scientologist doctor” as well as attending “rallies and fundraisers thrown by the church,” according to The Daily Beast.

None of this is particularly conducive to a national election, however, and speaking to BuzzFeed, a spokesperson for Jolly admitted that “the campaign removed references to Jolly’s past career as a lobbyist, his association with the Church of Scientology, his support for same sex marriage, and political contributions he made to Democratic candidates.”

Jolly’s campaign insists that they were merely correcting edits that had been made by a “rival campaign,” although who this rival campaign was and how they had the foresight to make these additions over a year ago remains unclear.

You can see examples of the rather extensive edits, which were made on March 15 and April 4, below.