Iowa state representative Henry Rayhons, a Republican, was arrested over the weekend for having sex with his mentally incapacitated wife after a judge instructed him not to. Police told the Des Moines Register that Rayhons "abused his wife in May at the nursing home where she lived." Donna Rayhons suffered from Alzheimer's disease, and she died earlier this month.

Rayhons' son, Dale, has called his father's arrest a "witch hunt." But according to Donna's nursing home roommate, Rayhons did go "into his wife's room and pulled the curtain closed" on May 23, a week after he acknowledged to a judge that his wife could no longer consent to sex. The roommate told cops she heard "noises indicating Henry Rayhons was having sex with Donna Rayhons" after that. Surveillance video caught Rayhons disposing of undergarments into a laundry bag when he left the room.

Spousal rape has been illegal in Iowa for 25 years, but Elizabeth Barnhill, executive director of the Iowa Coalition Against Sexual Assault, told the Register that convictions are rare. Rayhons already abandoned his run for re-election earlier this month. As of now, he's not giving up his seat.

[Image via Des Moines Register]